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    On Parties & Voting.



    On Parties & Voting.

    Post by kingoscruff on Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:46 pm



    Creating a party:

    • An application to an appropriate Dep. requiring;
    • 4 players willing to join, with 1 being an MP
    • An assigned leader, treasurer, and recruiter.

    • This would then be accepted if it meets the requirements and pays a K200 registration fee every 30 days

    Party positions:

    • Leader - Founder of the Party, and writer of the Manifesto pledges.
    • Treasurer - Responsible for party funds, and paying tax to the government.
    • Recruiter - Responsible for recruiting members to the party

    • NOTE - Failure to pay appropriate taxes would occur is disassembly of the party.



    • Due to timezones, voting will commence for a set amount of hours, from a set timezone, and thus will be explicitly stated.
    • Voting for wide-reaching events - e.g elections, will be a public vote, while parliamentary votes will be for MP's only.
    • Voting will occur by a sheet of paper (1 per person) being renamed in an anvil and be given to a vote counter, or /invsee'n out

    • Voter vote for MP's - the party with the largest vote count for their MP's are victorious

    Parties & Voting:

    • For a set amount of time before an election, the parties can release their manifesto and campaign to try to win votes
    • The party that wins the most votes is elected into parliament, with its leader becoming chancellor.
    • The party that wins the second most votes becomes the official opposition.

    • If a parliament is seen as unable to do its job, then a vote of no-confidence can be carried out, with the majority vote by MP's deciding the result. A successful vote causes a snap election


    • Those who choose not to join / make a party can still run in an election.
    • If they get the most votes in an election, they become chancellor and the next biggest party becomes the opposition.
    • In the case of an Independent coming first and second, the winner is given chancellor and the second given deputy - and the next biggest party becomes the opposition


    Re: On Parties & Voting.

    Post by Luxaholic on Mon Nov 21, 2016 4:00 am

    seems like a neat idea, I can dig it, might need some revision here and there but nice idea Cool

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    Employment Department

    Re: On Parties & Voting.

    Post by Dapocalypse on Fri Jan 20, 2017 3:06 am

    I believe that this is good but could use a little tweaking first of all lower it to 2 players none having to be an mp. There is one leader the rest of the roles are to be discussed within the party. The party can run for different departments to.

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