BusinessCraft is a City Roleplay Minecraft Server.

    Server Change Log



    Server Change Log

    Post by GreenShadow12 on Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:12 pm

    All server changes that have no connections will the Government will be summed up in this topic so it would be easier to keep track of changes, especially minor ones that don't require a special announcement.

    February 2017
    • Prefixes are now a part of a player's display name
    • Venical is now a Trial Moderator

    January 2017
    • Laborator and taye_taiwo_34 have resigned from their position as Moderator
    • New server features such as Brewing and Trading Cards have been announced
    • Death fine - You will be fined every time you die
    • BusinessCraft now has an official discord

    December 2016
    • A new chat channel has been made for player and business advertisements
    • Of course, the server has been released to the public

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